Ali Nasser is a New York-based actor born and raised in Cairo, Egypt.

If Mark Ruffalo took a trip to Egypt where he met Omar Sharif, and they both had a love child with the charm and quippiness of a Middle Eastern Ryan Reynolds, that would be Ali Nasser.

Ali’s formative years were spent in Kuwait where he got a head start in learning English at the Gulf English School. His passion for acting began as a child when he would often imitate cartoon characters he saw on TV, and would perform various impersonations to his family or relatives. Upon returning to Egypt with his family, he continued studying at Manor House School until he completed his IGCSE. It was during that time when Ali developed an appreciation of movies and filmmaking, taking a part-time position as a film columnist and critic for a few Egyptian magazines. Whilst at the American University in Cairo, Ali satisfied his passion for acting by minoring in Theatre and taking part in several theatrical productions at AUC as well as short student films.


You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.

- Robin Williams


His real breakthrough however came when he was handpicked by renowned Egyptian director Sharif Arafah to play the role of Ahmed, the medical intern in the high-budget Egyptian hospital drama Lahazat harega (2007). Soon after, Ali graduated from AUC with a BBA and a double minor in Film and Theatre. Ali was a member of ACT, an Egyptian-based community theatre group, where he trained and developed his tools as a stage performer. He most recently completed his Masters degree at Miami Ad School, and has also sharpened his skill set as a comedy writer and an improv performer at New York's Upright Citizens Brigade.